The Suburban Lady
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Engineered to be Strong, Clean, and Mobile

"The Suburban Lady "
Mobile Chicken Coop Drawing Set

[20 Hen Capacity]

                The Suburban Lady Mobile Chicken Coop was engineered and designed in conjunction with a Structural Architect and a Medical Physician to provide the highest level of LUXURY, UTILITY, SECURITY,MOBILITY, and CLEANLINESS than any other Personal Flock Chicken Coop housing design. This Architectural Drawing Set provides you with the Blueprints to build an Attractive , Eco-Friendly, mobile chicken coop that will provide you with Organic Eggs and Poultry Meat for many years to come.
The 16 Sheet, full size (24’’x36’’) drawing set provides you with Step-by-Step, easy to read and easy to follow professional Blueprints.

■The Suburban Lady Mobile Chicken Coop can be constructed by the average homeowner and is the perfect family fun project.

■The Suburban Lady Mobile Chicken Coop will house up to twenty (20) laying hens (depending on breed) and has an external nest box with four (4) removable nest modules.

■The Chicken Coop has a Raised Cabin area with three rows of perches for the chickens to roost on, and a Access Door for easy cleaning and maintenance.

■The Chicken Coop run area has a Walk-In Access Door for easy feeding and watering of your flock.

■The run area of the Chicken Coop is open on all sides. It has 360° air circulation for the comfort and viewing of your flock.

In this movable Gated Community, your Chicken Flock will Free Roam in the Suburban Lady’s run area and always graze on fresh green grass. You can easily move this Gated Community whenever you please!



















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