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          Growing up in rural Virginia in the 1950’s almost everyone raised chickens for eggs and meat. In my household my grandmother took care of our chicken flock. When I was eleven years old, my grandmother let me take care of the chickens and I started out with 100 new baby chicks. After the chicks were grown, I had the privilege of their total care. I built new chicken housing and had to feed, water, build pens, and remove manure from the chicken coop.

          Today, looking back at all that work, I can see that I had a lot of energy in those days. After college, working in engineering, and raising a family, I retired and moved back to rural Virginia. My goal was to raise healthy, organic vegetables and fresh nutritious, home farm eggs. After taking care of so many chickens in my youth, it gave me a real education on what kind of chicken coop works the best. After searching the web, buying books, reviewing catalog chicken coops, and many chicken coop plan sets, nobody seemed to have a good idea of what is truly needed to raise a low maintenance, healthy, mini flock of chickens.

          I decided to design the best chicken coop in the world for a small chicken flock. I used my boyhood experience with chickens and over 40 years of engineering experience to develop this world class chicken coop. I also enlisted the help of a Professional Architect and a Medical Physician in an effort to design the strongest, cleanest, and most practical chicken coop possible. The results of this joint-effort is THE SUBURBAN LADY mobile chicken coop, THE LITTLE BIG BOY, and later, THE LITTLE LADY!



















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