Frequently Asked Questions

•What is the Little Lady?

The Little Lady is a mobile small flock chicken coop designed to be the world's finest.

•Why is the Little Lady called the "World's Finest Mobile Chicken Coop"?

The Little Lady was engineered and desinged in conjunction with a structural architect and a medical physician to be extremely strong, clean, and attractive.

•What experience does the designer of the Little Lady have?

The designer used his boyhood experience with chickens and over 40 years of engineering experience to develop this world class chicken coop.

•Why is a mobile chicken coop better than a stationary chicken coop?

The Little Lady was designed to be mobile so it could be moved to clean, fresh ground when needed.

•What makes the Little Lady so clean?

The Little Lady was designed so manure will not accumulate on the coop cabin floor, and is removed easily from the outside of the coop.

•Can I access the inside of the chicken coop cabin area?

Yes. The chicken coop cabin has its own access utility door for easy maintenance.

•Is there a coop run area and how is it accessed?

The Little Lady run area is the full size of the chicken coop which includes the area under the coop cabin; there is also an access door.

•Is there a nest box for eggs and how do I collect them?

The Little Lady chicken coop has a nest box on the outside of the chicken coop cabin and the eggs are collected by raising the hinged nest box lid.

•How secure is the chicken coop from predators?

The chicken coop run area is enclosed on all four sides with 1'' x 1'' welded wire. There is a full roof on the coop which makes it highly predator proof.

•How is the chicken coop moved?

The chicken coop's rear wheels can be lowered to raise the coop off of the ground. The front tow hitch will attach to a lawn tractor for easy transport.

•Who can build the Little Lady Mobile Chicken Coop and what skills are needed?

The Little Lady can be built by the average homeowner and is the perfect family fun project using the step-by-step, easy to read and follow blueprints.

•Why do I need to have my own chickens?

Today, not knowing where our food comes from or its quality, it makes good sense to raise your own organic garden vegetables and your own organic eggs and meat that will guarantee you and your family a healthy food supply.








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Frequently Asked Questions

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